Our Mission

The Starlight Theater and The Oakland Theatre Arts Guild is
determined to be a positive force in our community by presenting the
finest in theatrical entertainment, by providing classes in Acting and
Theater Arts, and by promoting the talents of local performers.

A lively theatre must be committed to all the cultural aspects of
community life. We subscribe to the philosophy of

    “A Theater should be a gathering place, a place of ideas, stories,
    reflection and dialogue...a place of culture. A lively theater sees its
    community as producers and creators of is something we make...
    and it is a collective enterprise.A lively, robust  theater, in the heart
    of its community, has to continually examine its role in building up
    a cultural democracy...no stories left untold, no lives left

This commitment to culture must be renewed with each generation, or it
will die. This is why we chose to build our theater close to the people we

We hope you will be a part of this Adventure.
The Starlight Theater
The Starlight Theater   |   7370 Highland Road, Waterford, Michigan 48327   |   Phone : 248-886-8880
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